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Crypto Investment Bank

Delivering excellence on the advisory, technology and asset management front for long term growth through result oriented asset planning and market analysis.

Tailored Blockchain solutions, end to end

We provide a broad range of investment banking services to a diverse group of Blockchain companies, fintech companies & investment funds including strategic advisory with respect to blockchain & decentralized systems, token underwriting of coin offerings & private sales. With the use of the right strategies, crypto trading can be made more fruitful. However, it will be difficult for beginners to come up with efficient strategies. They can use trading bots such as Teslacoin to copy the strategies of the expert traders. Visit to learn more about Teslacoin.

Token Sales & Advisory

We assist Blockchain focussed solution providers to complete successful token sales and provide advisory and execution support with developing technical architecture, whitepaper, brand building, digital marketing strategy, and community management.

Research & Market Analysis

With a complete in-and-out knowledge of the crypto industry, Almora is always at the forefront of market analysis to identify emerging market trends so our clients can make an informed decision around balancing risk with rewards.

Investment Solutions

Almora provides its investors with the best crypto investment solutions to minimize risks and maximize rewards. Also, we firmly recommend investors to invest in dogecoin as you can use this coin just like Bitcoin to quickly and securely send value to anyone internationally. But if you wonder where to purchase dogecoin, check wie kann ich dogecoin kaufen guide and own your dogecoins cheaply and securely.

Our Services

Assisting blockchain focussed companies in running successful token sales and providing high-growth investment opportunities for investors in the crypto-world.

ICO Services

We work with founders to help them launch their tokens sales, and offer advisory services from smart contracts to assisting with the tokenomics for the white paper to an ICO Tech platform that accepts over 50 + tokens as payment.


The blockchain has far-reaching implications that will influence every established institution and structure of the markets and societies. We are on top of every developmental advancement in the technology itself to determine which ones are ready to be reaped for profit.


In a rapidly evolving crypto market, we are continuously interacting with developers, marketers' cryptocurrency pioneers, well-known cryptocurrency experts, bitcoin self-made millionaires, and some of the best technology gurus in this field. Our eclectic knowledge allows us to predict with certainty and build value for investors while maintaining liquidity and generating income.

  ICO Services

With thoughtful understanding and professional expertise over cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology and Hashgraph, we help you build a clear roadmap for the ICO over:

- Product/Service

- Need of Token sale

- Sustainable token economics

- Technology for product/service and token sale

- Brand Story

- Outreach strategy

In a highly volatile world of cryptocurrencies, simply understanding the whitepaper is not enough. The success of an ICO will be directly proportional to the acceptability, popularity and utility of the individual token and how well it is linked to the underlying solution being proposed by the product.

We at Almora realize the value of this Token Economics and use it to secure the assets and profits of our investors.

Best crypto products deserve the best of brand marketing campaigns to realize their full potential right from ICO stage. By building a robust online presence for our clients and promoting their projects in the social circles of influential cypto investors we are able to ensure better, smoother acceptance in the market for new ICO's.

The communications for a new cryptocurrency project can be a cumbersome and uphill task but with our dedicated team that has undertaken successful campaigns in the domain, your story will be told the right way. We garner media and public attention for our clients, focussing on exclusivity & capabilities of the project in challenging the status quo.

Mass adoption of a cryptocurrency is a function of a strong community which is continuously engaged in promotion, development, improvement, application and even criticism of the project. Its the community that bridges the gap between crypto project & 'non-crypto people' to advance and explain the real world application and value of the cryptocurrency and the underlying ideology.

At Almora, we manage, promote and interact with the community on multiple platforms to gain absolute confidence from the community members and in turn leveraging the value of the cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency market is too dynamic and fast-changing to use age-old online marketing techniques. Cryptocurrencies need a marketing strategy that can generate instantaneous results. Our marketing team specialize in the ICO promotions and know which markets and demographics to target in order to achieve desired results.

Ever since the origins of blockchain technology, there have been improvements and additions to its capability that has brought us to Hashgraph which is practically 4th gen blockchain. This just shows we are still in the early phases of distributed ledger technology (DLT). As an investment bank, Almora realizes the importance of staying on top of the advancements to attain knowledge and critically examine each new product which is run on the DLT. This approach enables us to see opportunities which are utilized for multimillion-dollar profits.

The Value that cryptocurrencies bring also come with imminent threats. Financial institutions and investors need to remain vigilant and be agile to stay ahead of nefarious actors and ensure they remain protected in an increasingly virtual, mobile and hyper-connected world. Almora uses AI and cutting-edge encryption algorithms to prohibit fraud and cyber risks associated with cryptocurrency. By integrated monitoring the activity of their own account holders, Almora can more effectively mitigate cryptocurrency risk.

Our Partners


Distributed Ledgers are a dynamic form of media and have properties and capabilities that go far beyond static paper-based ledgers. In short they enable us to formalize and secure new kinds of relationships in the digital world.

The gist of these new kinds of relationships is that the cost of trust (heretofore provided by notaries, lawyers, banks, regulatory compliance officers, governments, etc…) is avoided by the architecture and qualities of distributed ledgers

The data on blockchain is decentralized and stored within the network of blocks.Each block will have all the data of the transactions made. There will be no central server where data is stored making it immutable and hacking free. Decentralization of data makes it impossible for extraneous parties to have control over the data

Private blockchain network is not open to all but selective few who are given an invitation and the transaction is validated by network starter or the protocol formulated by network starter.These block chains are regulated in terms of who is allowed to participate either by regulator or consortium.Private blockchain offers greater scalability in terms of transactional throughput.Only the entities participating in transaction will have knowledge and access to data

It is done in a fair and simple way.No involvement of the third party is required.Hence the remittances are secure and not known to anybody except the sender and the receiver. Almora intends to reduce time and commissions involved in cross-border financial transactions to give maximum value to the users and provide hassle-free service.


Market Research & Analysis: Diving deep into data to identify emerging markets trends.

ICO Benchmarking: Benchmark ongoing ICOs to identify the most potential growth avenues.

Asset Planning: Managing funds to minimize risk and maximize investment.

One can trade in cryptocurrency for other assets, such as fiat money or different digital currencies.The exchange can either be the traditional brick and mortar or strictly online business.Most exchanges are outside western countries which helps in avoiding regulatory oversight and complicating prosecution.These currencies may be converted into anonymous prepaid cards which can, in turn, be used to withdraw funds from ATMs worldwide.

The exclusive Almora wallet stores private keys which can be used to receive or spend the cryptocurrency.The wallet can contain multiple private key pairs.These private keys, makes it possible to write public ledger, or effectively spend the associated cryptocurrency. Cryptowallets will effectively become the new credit/debit cards with Almora.

Newly launched tokens are auctioned traded with Almora for the benefit of ICO's and investors. The reduction in analytics & research on the part of investors coincides with appropriate launch strategy for new ICO's at Almora. Henceforth saving time and capital for all parties to maximize value and profits.

Our Team

We are a cross functional and full stack team led by
successful great minds !

Vajahaath Hussain


Evan Luthra


Varun Satyam


Yash Jejani


Karan Kohli

Blockchain Architect

Reva Malhotra

PR Manager

Brenda Gabriel

PR Manager

Prateek Pandey

Business Development

Ankush Gupta

Digital Marketing

Gregory Serber

VP Business

Neeraj Soni

Full Stack Developer

Vivek Soni

Marketing Manager

Prabhakar Mudda

Entrepreneur In Residence

Rohan Sharma

Entrepreneur In Residence

Amber Kumar

Graphic Designer

Anudip Joel

UI/UX Designer

Shashank Kumar

Security Engineer

Firdoesh Khan

Security Consultant

Setu Saurabh

Blockchain Consultant

Yash Matlani

Financial & Legal Consultant

Sanat Bhat

Financial & Legal Consultant