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Almora is a global formation of radicals and revolutionaries fanatically committed to a cause to liberate centralization.

We at Almora believe that decentralisation is a new way of governing people, digitalising trust and decision making. We are trying to bring all those people, artists, technologists, hippies, marketers, researchers, radicals together towards a common cause. We are the sect of people who want to bring power back to the masses. Together!

Tailored Blockchain solutions, end to end

Token Sales & Advisory Research & Market Analysis Investment Solutions

As a crypto investment bank we empower visionaries of the decentralized world with the fuel for a smooth moonshot journey. We are driven by the belief that no great idea deserves to die due to lack of resources. We don't invest, we vest.

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Assisting blockchain focussed companies in running successful token sales and providing high-growth investment opportunities for investors in the crypto-world.

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Our Culture

We are a company that rewards, recognizes, and applauds originality and individuality. It doesn’t require a particular type of personality as much as it encourages a freedom from inhibition and an opportunity to be liberated through job experience.


Almora gives employees the freedom to let their personalities shine through. If people happen to be a great singer or a great standup comic, or even if anyone is a quieter kind of a person. We encourage people to perform their job through the free expression of their personal talents and gifts.

“ The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”- Socrates



We believe in empowerment of individuals and believe if truly empowered an individual can move mountains. All big ideas, revolutions, cults kickstarted with one individual and we are just waiting for the next revolution to be stirred.



We live by the theory that success is directly proportional to the experiment one undertakes. The more number of experiment undertaken, the higher are the chances of success. What matters more to us is the spirit to bounce back from failed experiments and derive learning for future experiments.


Scientifically Artistic

As much as we value data and numbers we equally value instincts and imagination. We appreciate literature, pop culture, art and equally love crunching numbers, deriving decision from stats.



Challenges is an intrinsic part of our DNA at Almora. We would not want to see the sunrise of the day which doesn’t throw up a new challenge forcing us to stretch our limits. We are a highly competitive and ambitious breed of individuals trying to create a world of our dreams.

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